• Crystal Blue Black Tea Pyramids
  • Crystal Blue Black Tea Pyramids

Crystal Blue Black Tea Pyramids

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Crystal Blue | Black Tea Pyramids

• Taiwan Alpine of entry grade
• Pyramid Tea Filter Bags
• Made from shattered leaves of original Oolong Tea.
• Taiwan high mountain black tea with sweet aroma and soft taste.

【 Refreshing Type of Triangle | Temple Instant Tea Bags with Light Taste. 】

20 Count of pack, For you to enjoy our convenient, smooth and luscious taste tea, anywhere anytime.

Our tea bags made from shattered leaves of original Oolong Tea, triangle tea bag let. The leaves have more space to extend, Seep in hot water, The taste is fragrant and sweet, with a honey fragrance in the end.



【 From the pure and unblemished beauty of Lishan’s Black Forest 】

KUMY Tea Plantation is located on the unique tea area of Black Forest at 2200m, Lishan,Central Mountain of Taiwan.

The tea trees have been tempered over the years by strong northeast gales from 3,000 meters of snow-capped mountains, creating rich fronds. The natural spring water of the Black Forest is filtered through gravel soil to create the sweet essence of tea.

【 Quality Certification 】

Our products are subjected to strict SGS inspections and received qualified results annually, allowing for our tea to be the top choice for many tea connoisseurs.

【 How to Brew】


Variety:100%Chin Shin Oolong

Ingredients:40 count Pyramid Tea bags  (Twin foiled packs each containing 20 black tea bags)

Packing Specification:20 Count black tea pyramid bags in foil / Tin

Storage Method:Room temperature, Avoid heat, Keep dry, Avoid direct sunlight.

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