• KUMY Premium Oolong Tea Box
  • KUMY Premium Oolong Tea Box
  • KUMY Premium Oolong Tea Box

KUMY Premium Oolong Tea Box

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KUMY Premium Oolong Tea

The oolong tea will emit a long-lasting, elegant aroma with a distinct orchid fragrance. The liquor is of a bright, clear, jade green color with shades of golden honey, and has an abiding smooth and sweet taste.
✦ Awarded 2 Stars (GT) in The Guild of Fine Food

【 From the pure and unblemished beauty of Lishan’s Black Forest 】

KUMY Tea Plantation is located on the unique tea area of Black Forest at 2200m, Lishan,Central Mountain of Taiwan.

The tea trees have been tempered over the years by strong northeast gales from 3,000 meters of snow-capped mountains, creating rich fronds. The natural spring water of the Black Forest is filtered through gravel soil to create the sweet essence of tea.


◉ Content :100% Pure Taiwan Lishan tea
◉ Variety:100% Chin Shin Oolong
◉ Country of Origin:Lishan • Taiwan (Altitude:6500-7200Ft.)
◉ Net Weight: 75g / 150g
◉ Preservation Period:3 Years (Unopened )
◉ Best Before Date:As shown on the package
◉ Storage:Store in a cool, dry place.

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