• KUMY Premium Roasted Oolong Tea Box
  • KUMY Premium Roasted Oolong Tea Box

KUMY Premium Roasted Oolong Tea Box

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KUMY Premium Roasted Oolong Tea Box

• Altitude of 2,200m / Single tea estate, Single variety
• Top of loose leaf
• TAIWAN premium light fermentation, light roasted oolong tea, roasted oolong tea soup present brilliant gold. Light baking aroma brings out rich floral fruity with mellow taste in the end.

【 From the pure and unblemished beauty of Lishan’s Black Forest 】

KUMY Tea Plantation is located on the unique tea area of Black Forest at 2200m, Lishan,Central Mountain of Taiwan.

The tea trees have been tempered over the years by strong northeast gales from 3,886 meters of snow-capped mountains, creating rich fronds.

The natural spring water of the Black Forest is filtered through gravel soil to create the sweet essence of tea.

The cool refreshing fragrance of winter tea and the awakening of spring tea after six months of hard frost and snow dormancy show their unique seasonal flavors.


Our flagship tea is made by selecting only tender leaves from the highest area of our tea garden.

Single Variant / Single Estate | Hand plucked, on-site processing | Altitude:6,500 - 7,200ft. | Product origins: Lishan Taiwan

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